sleep of no dreaming

I’ve been thinking about sensory deprivation, mostly in the isolation sense. I would love to try a floatation tank. Partly because of the idea of finding a higher level of consciousness but also because I just really like floating.

Without stimuli, the brain supposedly goes bug-shit with theta brainwaves, the same brainwaves that occur during dreams. It’d be like dreaming awake (which, incidentally is the name of my prog rock band, check us out on YouTube we’re awesome).

I’m curious as to what, if any, visions or hallucinations my tiny little mind would conjure up in this state.


Knowing my luck I would have an in depth and highly detailed vision of the inside of floatation tank.

“It was like I was really there, man…”

My only concern would be not being able to get into the right frame of mind. I could be filled with Floydian thoughts and memories of poppy fields but what if I inadvertently focus on some Auschwitz documentary I saw 10 years ago? I want to frolic in the whimsy of imagination, not sink under a thick vomitous ooze of gloom and despair.

Your brain could eat you alive! And that could really put a downer on your day.

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